How we do it

We custom design each and every study to suit the specific needs of our clients. We don't offer black box or 'off-the-shelf' research products, but rather aim to understand what our clients are looking to achieve and how research can best be used to meet those objectives. We also have the ability to draw on the expertise of EY's global network at every stage of the research process from design to analysis.

Quantitative research

More than just numbers and statistics.

We custom design studies for our clients, conduct higher level analysis and transform it all into accessible insights and solutions. We have some of the leading thinkers in quantitative research and the resources to manage it all in-house.

Qualitative research

Deep insight and understanding.

We unlock the meaning that sits behind the attitudes and behaviour of people. As one of the first qualitative research companies in Australia, it's something we're passionate about and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver actionable insights that lead to positive outcomes.

Strategy planning

Our insights lead to outcomes.

We regularly assist clients to drive their planning and offer broader strategic consulting services. This can take many forms and reflects the collaborative way in which we like to work alongside our clients.

CATI Call centre

We have a state of the art CATI call centre based in South Melbourne giving us the flexibility to conduct studies of any size and assure our clients of a quality process on each and every project.

  • State of the art CATI facilities
  • 60+ dedicated seats
  • High calibre interviewers
  • ISO accredited quality systems
  • Trust mark approved

The video below is a short documentary that has been developed specifically to showcase our CATI Facility.

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Online surveys

EY Sweeney has been designing and implementing online surveys for well over a decade. Over the years we have invested heavily in our online survey capability and have developed expertise in a number of online programming packages. We employ a team of experienced questionnaire programmers and an operations and logistics team to manage the fieldwork.

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Web reporting

One of the most important aspects of any research programme is the delivery of results in a succinct, actionable and timely matter.

EY Sweeney is able to offer the advantage of having in-house specialists with the skills and experience to design and implement interactive online reporting tools. Our portals are bespoke tools, tailored to the needs of our clients.

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We were the first research company in Australia to utilise a tablet methodology in large scale intercept studies and we won the 2014 RICA Research Effectiveness Award for the Technology Effectiveness category. Our submission, entitled 'Capturing the Commuters: Redefining Large Scale Intercept Studies', demonstrates how digital technology has been used to revolutionise data collection in the public transport space.

By introducing tablets in a face to face environment, we are able to address key client challenges around speed of the research process, reducing data collection error, minimising the level of data handling and enabling the use of more complex survey designs.

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Community panels

EY Sweeney online communities are moderated and managed by qualified researchers. Our qualitative and quantitative experts conduct research in communities as they normally would in traditional ad hoc projects, with the advantage of having access to profiling data and a range of online activities.

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Mobile surveys

Quant Research like you've never seen. To put it simply, we have designed and built the best approach for smartphone surveys to be found anywhere. Intuitive and optimised across all smartphones, it enables us to capture attitudes and behaviour in real time. It's truly exciting and ground breaking, with full functionality and the ability to embed HD videos

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Data analytics

We have researchers with the know-how to apply higher level statistical analysis techniques to provide additional insight where suitable. These may include techniques such as key driver analysis, brand mapping, chi-squared analysis or segmentation.

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Eye tracking

Eye tracking software enhances our understanding of user experience with websites. Eye tracking allows us to closely observe and record how consumers interact with a website, going beyond what they consciously report to look at where their eyes land, the points of interest on the site, where their gaze lingers as well as how they move through the site.

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Focus groups

Our moderators are adept at drawing insight from dynamic and interactive group discussions. Whether we are talking to students, families, the disadvantaged or business executives, we tailor the approach to ensure that we get the most from each conversation. Our team are highly experienced in running a variety of group types including full, mini, affinity, trio and conflict.

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In-depth interviews

The primary purpose of in-depth interviews is to understand the individual experience from a human or corporate vantage point. In-depth interviews are a fundamental tool in our qualitative repertoire and we cross the spectrum of consumer, business and senior stakeholder sessions in one on one or paired sessions – either via face to face, phone or online.

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Co-creation workshops are conducted with both consumers and clients to explore qualities of an ideal product. They are designed to give consumers the ability to see, feel and smell their new product to ensure it delivers on all their preferences.

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Ethnographic research

We facilitate a range of ethnographic approaches applied by us or the consumer themselves (i.e. blogs, diaries, peer reporting, video profiling). Participants are asked to let us into their lives, often for a period of time, as they live, breathe and think about a topic. Ethnographic research brings research to life and allows us access to topics/situations we may not otherwise reach (unspoken behaviours and norms).

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Smartphone app

A dynamic and integrated Qual Solution. EY Sweeney Share uses our Qual mobile web app to capture images and video.

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Website UX/UE

We understand that within the context of website usability, it is important to translate viewer feedback into meaningful insights for the developers of the site. To achieve a holistic view of the user experience, we often employ a multi-methodological approach i.e. eye tracking, prompted tasks during website visitation, in-depth interviews and online surveys.

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Online discussion groups / forums

We have used this tool on a number of occasions with a range of audiences. Through the platform, we are able to test stimulus, probe respondents and monitor participation.

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Virtual reality

Our in-house digital team and visual designers are responsible for developing customised software and digital technologies such as virtual reality. Virtual reality has been successfully integrated into some of our location-specific research programs to encourage greater recall and provide a fun and engaging experience for respondents.

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Strategy planning days

Sometimes projects warrant a full day of strategic review and assessment. Our strategic planning days work to a clear conceptual framework that distils cross-functional thinking, anchors to social and sector insight and translates this into a coherent vision for the business.  This can be applied across any sector.

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With a strategic eye to the business or social challenge at hand, we tactically deploy our suite of workshops at key junctures of the project journey.  Informed by our sector knowledge, research insight and ability to leverage the vast pool of EY subject matter experts, these provocative sessions are framed to bring out the best thinking of all involved:

  • Orientation workshops... With an exploratory approach, we scope the challenge to identify the core issues and form the right questions from the outset
  • Stakeholder engagement workshops... Bringing key influencers on the journey to allow for active participation and integrate organisational expertise into the decision making
  • Insight response workshops... Recognising that insight is only of value if it can motivate action, these sessions involve collaboration with the business delivery teams to translate insights into pragmatic outcomes
  • Consumer connection workshops... Bringing the consumer to life through immersion exercises to instil a deep understanding of the consumer mindset across the business.

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Competitive analysis

We are in a constant state of competitive exploration of brands, products and service experiences. Using bespoke quantitative surveys and exploratory qualitative methodologies we reveal the attitudes and sentiments that define markets, drive behaviours and forge sector dynamics.

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Program and policy evaluation

We employ a rigorous and systematic approach to both large and small scale evaluation studies. Whether they are formative, process or summative our evaluations are informed by robust framework development to deliver clear and pragmatic outcomes for Government, Not for profit and private sector program and policy development.

Our evaluation work includes literature, documentation and data review, the design of data collection instruments, quantitative and qualitative data collection, and the triangulation of existing and collected data to generate meaningful and practical policy recommendations. We are also able to prepare and implement successful ethics applications.

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